Rent to Own Sheds

If your budget does not allow you to pay for your portable building with cash upfront, consider our rent to own storage sheds. Our Rent-to-Own program allows you to rent the building of your choice on a month by month basis. Plus, after you rent the building for 36 months, we give it to you.

All we need to begin this program is 2 month's rent payment, and then you will make one payment per month thereafter. NO CREDIT, NO CHECKS, NO HASSLES! This is not a purchase; you are simply renting.

Should your situation change at any time during the 36 months, and you no longer need the building, just notify us. We will terminate the rental agreement and pick up the building at no extra cost to you! You may also choose to purchase the building at any time during the 36 months of renting by paying 60% of the remaining balance on your rent to own storage building.