Portable Storage Buildings From Yoder's

How to Choose a Storage Building That Stands Out From the Crowd

At Yoder Building Company we pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship. Our portable storage buildings are individually constructed by professional craftsmen. Our materials are hand-picked for quality and durability, and our lumber is carefully selected for straightness and beauty.

While we do not like to point out negatives in other companies, we feel it may be beneficial to you when you are shopping for a building to be aware of some of the common differences you may see in the different buildings you look at.

You are looking for a building to store your belongings. Why not do it right the first time? We believe it makes good sense to put your storage in good hands.

Extra Strong and Durable Framing

Many companies today cut corners by spacing the framework 2 ft. or more apart. Not so at Yoders! All of our framework is spaced 16 in. on center for extra strength and durability.

Long-Life Wooden Siding Sealed to Prevent Rotting

We use the best exterior siding available. The siding we use comes with a factory warranty and has a factory-applied primer/sealer to assure that no moisture ever gets into the wood. While it is more expensive than the old pine and fir T-1-11 that many companies still usewe believe that it is worth the extra cost and will add many years to the life of your building.

High Quality Paint to Match Your Existing Colors and Protect Against Rotting

On top of the factory applied primer/sealer, we finish the sealing process by applying 2 coats of a high quality latex paint.

Did you know that many companies will price a building to you unpainted? This forces you to spend your weekends painting or paying as much as 15%–20% more just to have it painted. Or perhaps you never get around to painting your building, allowing it to quickly deteriorate. At Yoder Building Company the price you pay includes the finish painting, and your building gets constructed and painted indoors so it is never exposed to the weather in an unfinished condition.

Strong and Solid Doors That Keep Fitting for Years to Come

Our doors are constructed with solid 2" x 4" framing with steel turnbuckles to prevent warping. You will not find a stronger, more solidly constructed door anywhere!

A Strong Floor That Stays Straight

Make sure the floor joists are pressure treated and make sure it has floor joists! Some companies will simply nail boards directly to the skids for the floor, completely eliminating the floor joists. This may look like a good sturdy floor, but it seriously compromises the structural integrity of the building, allowing the floor and entire frame of the building to sag and weaken over time.

At Yoder Building Company we start with 4" x 4" pressure treated floor joists, then we place pressure treated floor joists spaced every 16 in. and nailed with hot-dipped galvanized fasteners. We finish the floor by applying 3/4" plywood on top of the floor joists for a strong, smooth, tight floor.

  • 4" x 4" Pressure Treated Skids provide a rot-resistant foundation for your storage building.
  • 2" x 4" Pressure Treated Floor Joists to keep your floor from sagging and weakening over time.
  • 14' Wide Buildings have 2" x 6" Joists ensure a strong, long-lasting floor on wider buildings.
  • 3/4" Exterior Plywood Floor to keep your floor from rotting.
  • Framework 16" on Center for strong and durable walls, roof, and floor.
  • High Quality Exterior Siding with a factory applied sealer that keeps the walls from rotting.
  • Aluminum Drip Edge Along Roof Lines keeps water from seeping into your wooden storage shed and damaging its structural strength.
  • 25 Year Fiberglass Shingles guarantee a tight roof for many years to come.
  • 2 Air Vents allow air to move through your storage building when the doors and windows are shut.
  • Painted Your Choice of Colors At No Extra Charge to match your existing color scheme.
  • Free Delivery Within 100 Miles helps you focus your budget on the portable storage building of your dreams.